Psychic Reading Law – It Is Not a Substitute

It is not the job of a clairvoyant reader for instance, to diagnose health issues or offer you legal advice.

Many times during a reading a client will ask a psychic questions like these. I am pregnant, who is the father? I have a disease, will I be cured? What is the sex of my baby?

In 2008 the fraudulent medium act of 1951 was repealed. This means that all psychic work is now termed entertainment purposes only. The onus is now on the provider of the service to prove that he or she was not misleading the client. This is in line with European consumer guidelines.

Under no circumstances should any reading offer legal advice or medical advice. A lawyer or doctor should be the people that are consulted for issues like these. Although a psychic may have an idea of the outcome they are not best placed or qualified to comment on these matters.

Imagine for instance the psychic that sees the cancer patient making a full recovery. The client becomes so excited and decides to stop having their regular treatment. This leads to a deterioration in the clients health.

There is then the issue of countries where the birth of males is preferred. A psychic decides to sex an unborn child as a female. It is well known and documented that some people will terminate a pregnancy if the child is female in some countries.

The role of the psychic reader is classed for entertainment purposes only now by most people.

The psychic however will feel quite upset and annoyed however that the work they take very seriously has been placed into an entertainment category.

In other words the work has no serious meaning.

It is true that a spiritualist clairvoyant will be quite upset by this statement of entertainment purposes. Spiritualism is actually a recognised religion now in the UK and one of the fastest growing too.

The entertainment purposes only is declared now by most psychic readers as a form of protection against lawsuits and legal action. Indeed a psychic does still take the work they do very seriously.

A good psychic will leave the issues of health, medicine, paternity and legal issues to the correct people to deal with.

Please try to remember if you ever have a psychic reading that in no way at all should it be a substitute for any of these things . It should be seen as an additional source of information.

It is also worthy to note that a psychic does not have the benefit of any supervision like a professional counsellor.

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